Cake the First

The first cake made after beginning cake-decorating lessons:

 Cake 1: Rainbow cake

 The units make the writing a little off balance, but as a good scientist I had to include them.  Also the 0’s are different sizes, but they are at least consistent within each number.  At this point we had learned some basics with the star-tip, mainly just making stars (surprise!) and zig-zags.  I wasn’t really paying attention when I made the left cloud and it ended up not covering the edge of the rainbow, so I made a kind of pathetic attempt at covering it up (notice the lame additional zig-zags at the top):

 Cake 1: Rainbow cake - Left Cloud

The right cloud was much better:

 Cake 1: Rainbow cake - right cloud

And here’s a close-up of the stars on the rainbow:

Cake 1: Rainbow cake - rainbow close-up

Overall not a bad first attempt at cake decorating.  I need some more practice with icing the cake itself, as getting a nice, smooth surface to work with took WAY longer than it should have (although once I learn the techniques to work with fondant, getting buttercream icing to be smooth will possibly no longer be necessary). 

Most importantly, the cake itself (yellow-type with a layer of HOMEMADE caramel icing in the center!) was determined to be delicious by the attendee’s of Saturday’s pulled-pork party.  Much more delicious than a pulled-pork mojito, I must say (However, if you want to be hip and cool and also maybe induce vomiting, you should start ordering drinks with pulled pork garnish by using the phrase “bacon on the side,” coined by my friend Patrick).

Oh, and according to Henry, the decorating icing tastes like Chrysanthemums.


5 Responses to “Cake the First”

  1. s.a.s.h.a Says:

    Well done with the cakes!

  2. Fei Says:

    Too Beautiful to eat~~~

  3. erin Says:

    loved your qwantz cake.

    growing up my grandma was a cake decorator. for getting an even surface, she would find a paper towel with a very small non noticeable texture (she usually got the ones that look like goosebumps), wait til the frosting was not dry but not sticky, and pat the whole thing down, laying the towel down and rubbing it lightly (its important that the cake not be sticky still.)

  4. Candice Says:

    My husband, who started at Tech as a mechanical engineering major could not stop laughing at your first cake. It truly is beautiful. I’m planning on starting cake decorating too lol. They look awesome. My favorite is the chocochop!

  5. Kelli Says:

    The cakes are great. I started this month and made the rainbow. Tomorrow we learn roses… I can’t wait. The towel trick works well. Viva paper towels help me get it really smooth, also a piece of wax paper and a fondant smother does the trick. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see more!

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