So. Incredibly. Turquoise.

It’s been far too long since I last updated!  Rest assured, I have been continuing to hone my cake-decorating skills!

I learned to make some simple drop flowers, and I made about 35 of them… This one was the best:


I switched from pink to orange icing halfway through making them, and this one turned out really cool with an orange center and pink petals as a result.

For the cake I wanted a really bright turqoise, but rather than buying the correct colour of food colouring I tried to make my own, and in the process of trying to tweak it to perfection I ended up using an ABSURD amount of food colouring.  The result was guaranteed to stain your tongue an incredibly stunning shade of blue. 

Some views of the finished cake:

So turquoise: view 1

So turquoise: view 2

So turquoise: view 3

The shell border at the bottom looked pretty crappy, but I wasn’t using the correct icing consistency because I was so tired of working on this cake by the time I got to that part that I just wanted to finish it already.

Overall I was pretty pleased with it, although I might try recreating it with a better shade of turquoise.


2 Responses to “So. Incredibly. Turquoise.”

  1. Dmitri Says:

    I was reading this new post in a hurry; I kept seeing the phrase “food poisoning” or “colour poisoning” instead of “food colouring”. I’m sure that’s what I have been thinking as I saw that shade of turquoise.

    It’s also noteworthy that turquoise has six vowels. Not quite 80% like queue, but 66.67% is still pretty impressive and might come in handy in my next Scrabble game.

    By the way, you should refer to me as Dmitri in all future posts.

  2. Jenny L Says:

    wait wait wait, dye your tongue blue like the candy canes did sophomore year? heehee. that was fun.

    hi, by the way!

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