Flowers and fondant!

I’m finally getting around to updating again, yay!   I learned a few fancier (and more difficult) flowers:

apple blossoms



Apple blossoms, primroses, and daffodils, respectively!  The best part about making these was using royal icing; as opposed to buttercream icing, royal icing doesn’t use any crisco (it’s basically just powdered sugar and water, really), which means that I don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning pastry bags afterwards!

I’ve also begun working with fondant, and here’s my first fondant-covered cake:


I got lazy and just stuck the flowers on the cake with purple icing because that’s just what I happened to have on hand, so that’s why there are globs of purple.  I think my first trial with fondant went pretty well; there are a few wrinkles at the bottom of the cake, and the icing was rather thick underneath so the top edges started to slump after a while.  But the fondant didn’t tear at all, so overall it was a pleasing first try.  Oh, and I finally got the shade of turquoise that I was aiming for in the previous cake!


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